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In 1993, when  was established, the use of frozen semen was a method which was poorly developed in equine artificial insemination.

Today, the use of frozen semen is the second most widely used insemination method after fresh sperm insemination.

The qualified  team consists of experienced veterinary surgeons and experienced staff. With our mobile laboratory our staff can make it possible for any stallionowner to produce frozen sperm of his stallion at any EU approved AI centre in Germany and Europe and to store it indefinitely.

Since  AI Services Muehlen GmbH ( Pferdebesamung Mühlen GmbH) is an EU approved semen collection centre which is equipped with a quarantine stable, we are allowed to produce semen which complies with EU and global regulations (performance of statutory breeding hygiene tests is required).

Why choose us?

  • Service


  • Genetic resource

    Long-term preservation of semen offers a gene pool of inestimable value.

  • Independence

    The production of frozen semen makes it possible that the stallion is competing and being offered to breeders at the same time.


  • Durch die Möglichkeiten der mobilen Tiefgefriersperma Herstellung können unsere Hengste im bekannten Umfeld bleiben, damit kann man Sport und Zucht perfekt miteinander verbinden.

    Markus Ehning (Internationaler Springreiter)

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