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  • Ejaculation of stallions and semen evaluation
  • All mandatory breeding hygiene tests, performed in accordance with EU regulations
  • Production of deep-frozen semen
  • Production of fresh semen
  • Preservation of deep-frozen semen
  • Production and distribution of customized nutrient solutions
  • Domestic and international shipping of fresh and frozen semen
  • Mobile  laboratory service on-site at the stallion owner’s location
  • Consultation
  • Insemination of mares/problem mares with fresh or frozen semen at our EU approved AI centre or by veterinarians of Equine Clinic Muehlen (Pferdeklinik Mühlen)
  • Storage (available for a fee) of deep-frozen semen


Why choose us?

  • Service


  • Genetic resource

    Long-term preservation of semen offers a gene pool of inestimable value.

  • Independence

    The production of frozen semen makes it possible that the stallion is competing and being offered to breeders at the same time.